Gastric Ulcer's Symptoms and Prevent It

Every years 500,000 suffers from some form of ulcers in the U.S. alone. Most of these people suffer from gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and is affecting millions of people worldwide. This is a common affliction for those who want a modern lifestyle, which is a lot of stress and consumption of junk food to live. If the above factors, including coffee, alcohol, and mix the resulting combination is sure to create a kind of ulcer.

The ulcer is caused by the non-spicy food, stress or alcohol, is caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter Helobacter, but billions of people carry this bacteria is transmitted through food, water or contact with an infected person. So many of us have these bacteria, and if you combine it with spicy food and stress that you have an ulcer!

Gastric Ulcer Signs

An ulcer occurs when there is a break in the protective lining of the stomach causing a further erosion of both the lining of the stomach and intestines. This leads to an erosion of pain, first, to take an open and painful in the lining of the stomach.

Stomach ulcers are caused when an imbalance between the amount of acid in the stomach and the body of an enzyme secreted by pepsin and the natural resistance of the lining of the stomach (known as the mucosa ) is. It is a spiral-shaped bacteria in the acidic environment of the stomach (Helicobacter pylori), which can also cause ulcers in the stomach of life. Although obesity and smoking, and excessive use of anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, for example) is also the risk of developing stomach ulcers.

There are some warning signs you need to know if you have an ulcer or not.

One of the main symptoms of a person suffering from a stomach ulcer is a gnawing or burning stomach or just below the sternum, which will last 30 minutes, sometimes more than 3 hours. Unfortunately, many errors of this pain for heartburn because it so strongly, while others are simply confused with hunger pains.

How to Cure Gastric Ulcer

How it all began

I hate to remember the martyrdom, but I can not help but think of my review a patient's ulcer. If you've never been a complication of health has been or think you may be blessed, even though we are all blessed. I'm sure you do not want to try one of these ulcers, migraine, leukemia, cancer, arthritis, toothache to the call, but a few.

It all started in 2003, if not in early 2004 after admitting to study mechanical engineering at the University. Of course, an illness or a disease or condition in the circumstances of life of the mine was caused because of hunger caused by famine caused no mistake, reading hours, and if you are a parent, to warn your children not to do, starving some reason, is lost in the name of the mad desire of weight or something, we advise them to eat more, but not much.

Note: Hunger is not really the main cause of stomach ulcers, but it is one of the triggers to prevent it.

Before he was hospitalized, prepared with the best results that have grown up in the right size will graduate from high school, and I wanted to, but not health. I was so excited about it as the best students, anxious not to lose, not afraid of losing my wisdom, so I ended up reading every day and night, and often forgot to eat something, and if I remember, they want a drink and a bottle of Fanta and a snack to share, I'll be back. This continued until my whole system was in tears, but I ignored it because they are still able to run and play, not to overlook the red light signals the body.

Symptoms of Gastric Ulcers

You are a healthy person, it's just that you have a stomach ulcer. Jump for joy? I do not think! The ulcers are painful for the introduction of your life and changes in lifestyle to significantly reduce pain and relieve the condition. Of course, this has no value if the patient knows he has a stomach ulcer, if they know / do not know how to recognize symptoms of an ulcer is the condition to worsen.

Abdominal pain is usually the most common symptom of an ulcer, which may be present. The pain can last a long, sometimes appearing several hours or just a sharp pain, and disappears as quickly as it came. If the ulcer, which means that the stomach is more likely to say that behind his head during or immediately after eating.

Another symptom is the alarming situation of internal bleeding. This bleeding is usually seen in the stool. It is not always the case, can cause ulcers and internal bleeding, which remain hidden for long. Jerry Lewis knew he was bleeding internally for a long time unnoticed. However, the pain, all other symptoms of the ulcer was removed, I'm sure does not help the situation!

If a patient begins to experience these symptoms, see a doctor if you notice, it is best to seek advice and a first condition is to sit down and be too late. If the ulcer is left for development, which can get worse and people end up really bad. After all the symptoms immediately and you can continue with a completely healthy life.

Gastric Ulcers Overview

Gastric ulcers, also known as Stomach ulcer in remote areas of the first wall of the stomach. These injuries can be 1 / 8 to 04/03 inches. Ulcers are not contagious, but the cancer if not treated promptly.

The causes of ulcers is the excessive secretion of gastric acid. The excess acid produced to digest food because it can cause ulcers.

The main cause of stomach ulcers are poor eating habits. Consuming healthy fats leads to excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, which in turn lead to ulcers. Skipping meals can lead to stomach ulcers. Some people live very stressed and are highly dependent on alcohol and drugs, which can be an aggravating factor for stomach ulcers.

People suffering from ulcers suffer from abdominal pain, digestive disorders, weight loss, hunger, pain and irritation.

The treatment of this disease consists mainly of taking medications that significantly reduce the amount of acid secretion. In some cases, doctors recommend surgery for a malignant disease is suspected trends. Some doctors opt for treatment that H. pylori is the cause of the ulcer, in some cases unnecessary.

Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcer - ulcer in the esophagus stomach, duodenum, or may be less frequent than gastric ulcers known. Duodenal ulcers are not harmful, but stomach ulcers are about 5% of the cancer.

The exact reason for the production of ulcer is unknown, but a number of factors that can cause ulcers:
  • Hypercecretion the stomach may be one reason for the cause of his ulcer. Ulcer is severe refractory patients with high acid secretion. To reduce the secretion of gastric acid in ulcer healing drugs.
  • Acid-pepsin gastric ulcer occurs when you digest the aggressive action of the stomach or duodenal mucosal resistance to acid and pepsin in the stomach of the stomach and duodenum.
  • Heritage: Patients often have a family history of ulcers. The incidence of gastric ulcers with parents twice the incidence in the general population.
  • Mucosal resistance: the gastric mucosa, gastric mucosal cells, which line the mucous membranes of the stomach secretes. This mucosal barrier is broken by several substances such as alcohol, AIDS, acid reflux, aspirin, and weak organic acids reduce blood flow to the mucosa.

Natural remedy to cure gastric ulcer?

First of all, and probably your mother has already done this, but she should make SURE this is an ulcer and not some other kind of abdominal pain by having an GI series or endoscopy done. She can ask her primary care physician to do this.

So if it is definitely a gastric ulcer... In many cases, if it is something that chronic, it could be an undiagnosed food allergy that's constantly aggravating the ulcer. I'd suggest getting a full range of food allergens tested. If that's the cause (or one of them), it would help the symptoms significantly to eliminate all traces of that food from the system. However, that many not be enough even if an allergy is the original cause, so there are some other dietary steps you can take:

High-fiber foods (and fiber supplements) have been known to relieve these ulcers somewhat. Also, and this sounds kind of gross but is actually not nearly as disgusting as it may seem... raw cabbage juice. There are TONS of studies that show this to have a remarkable effect. (According to "Natural Living" you should take 1 liter a day, interspersed throughout the day.) Bananas also are known to heal the intestinal lining (this would relieve the ulcers as well).

AVOID hot foods (with any hot peppers in them), garlic, and any food with a very high vitamin C content: this irritates the lining and worsens the ulcer.

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