How to Cure Gastric Ulcer

How it all began

I hate to remember the martyrdom, but I can not help but think of my review a patient's ulcer. If you've never been a complication of health has been or think you may be blessed, even though we are all blessed. I'm sure you do not want to try one of these ulcers, migraine, leukemia, cancer, arthritis, toothache to the call, but a few.

It all started in 2003, if not in early 2004 after admitting to study mechanical engineering at the University. Of course, an illness or a disease or condition in the circumstances of life of the mine was caused because of hunger caused by famine caused no mistake, reading hours, and if you are a parent, to warn your children not to do, starving some reason, is lost in the name of the mad desire of weight or something, we advise them to eat more, but not much.

Note: Hunger is not really the main cause of stomach ulcers, but it is one of the triggers to prevent it.

Before he was hospitalized, prepared with the best results that have grown up in the right size will graduate from high school, and I wanted to, but not health. I was so excited about it as the best students, anxious not to lose, not afraid of losing my wisdom, so I ended up reading every day and night, and often forgot to eat something, and if I remember, they want a drink and a bottle of Fanta and a snack to share, I'll be back. This continued until my whole system was in tears, but I ignored it because they are still able to run and play, not to overlook the red light signals the body.

What causes stomach ulcers are real?

I'm a little "medical and scientific about it, but all who are about to read has been well studied and well, I'm sure they feel their leaders, then free play, no doubt, the disbelief. The results will be a rule in the secretion of digestive enzymes and acid from the stomach or part of the lining of the stomach are free.

The results of gastric ulcers as an imbalance between the amount of acid in the stomach and body secretes pepsin and the natural resistance of the lining of the stomach (mucosa). At the bottom of the gastrointestinal tract, is a spiral-shaped bacteria in the acidic environment of the stomach (Helicobacter pylori), which can also cause ulcers in the stomach of life. It is not possible to separate the same physical, hunger and lack of factors that can lead to the development of gastric ulcers in a person.

It is remarkable to know that stomach ulcers caused by eating spicy foods, stress or alcohol, is caused by bacteria called Helicobacter causes Helobacter, but some of the billions of people worldwide, this system is the bacteria in your body as it is transmitted by food, beverages or contact with an infected person. So many of us have these bacteria, and if you combine it with spicy food and stress that you have an ulcer! Recent studies have also shown to contribute to the anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen and aspirin) seriously the development of ulcers.

The result of feeding my hunger

I did not know my hunger and eating consistently inconsistent serious harm to the body in the digestive system. According to the medical description, my belly, the system was difficult to fall, or endorsement, then press the same: meat, grease, etc. The end result was a serious violation is defined in my stomach, which may be clinically ulcer.

If the journey began

It all started in the school library when I was a newspaper, the investigation began, but with a node, then the storm gradually stomach less than five minutes, I came across your stomach with your hands to you can worry about the hostel. Before I knew that I was vomiting blood and at the same time. It seemed so complicated, I am confused with diarrhea, until he was admitted to the emergency room of the school and the doctor prescribed medication to calm the situation a little "mix was similar to (I think that a drug such as magnesium or fluid milk) and liquids, so I asked the nurse, all these things, I said, I pray that this is not an ulcer, my heart jumped.

What are the symptoms of an ulcer?

There is a difference between the symptoms of an ulcer and duodenal ulcer seem to move in the opposite direction, it should not be interpreted. Here are some signs of distress, suffering from an ulcer, an immediate solution to try before it becomes more difficult to treat (or not only modern conventional medicine) is able to heal.

Abdominal pain is usually the most common symptom of an ulcer, which may be present

Indigestion and heartburn or acid reflux

The gastric and duodenal ulcers cause pain, dull pain, in general, often just after eating.

A meal can lead to increased pain

The food is not pain and other types of ulcers

Penetrating pain in the upper abdomen below the sternum


The notable loss of appetite

Unplanned weight loss

Another symptom of a gastric ulcer is less common, about 3 in 10 have awakened at night by Matt ulcer pain - it usually takes 3-4 hours after ingestion.

What doctors do not tell a patient the ulcer

Doctors not only have more choices of antibiotics: no doctor will tell you that a durable solution to their condition when they swear a prescription drug for ulcers caused by infection with H. pylori. The recipe is almost always a triple or quadruple therapy.

H. pylori is more resistant to antibiotics. It is widely reported that the drug therapies have an average failure rate of 70% in the treatment of infection by H. pylori a.

Many patients had more than four courses of antibiotics and stomach ulcers clean and also H. pylori. I also heard of patients for eight consecutive years of triple therapy treatment, and are still infected.

Most of those who suffer from this type of ulcer are infected with Candida albicans and do not even know! Alife is a threat of infection with Candida is extremely difficult to treat. The last thing you want when Candida is any kind of antibiotics ...

H ulcers. Type pylori, has no treatment or cure with conventional medicine

How to treat or cure ulcers, my personal experience

I lived with this disease for two or three years without a full treatment, my doctor walks with my repeated attacks and dialogue, and I lost the hope that the treatment while I lived in reinforcements, but I ' have saved.

My savior came from a family friend, please encourage them to share with people is always the problem, half the problem solved together, not to die in peace. I said this because I had my healing through a family friend that my mother shared with my ordeal, and suggested that a local treatment, or treatment with what I call the natural fruit.

How to be a natural therapies to treat ulcers

I am with you the treatment I use for my stomach ulcer itself and for other purposes, but also a friend that require different treatment, and it worked for us and works for many people who are not necessary, but except his is a different type of injury, do not lose hope and faith that a cure quickly.

My personal therapy, the ulcer

Getting a green banana fruit (two serves)

Remove bowl and wash the residue

Cut into small pieces or slices and pour into a container of clean water (2 or 3 liters is ok)

Fill the container with water, but not at the edges and with a lid or cover

In a cool, dry place for 2 days

After a period of two days, shaking the container and its contents, and pour into a glass and drink

Dosage: morning and night until all the content more

Be wary of attacks and improvement of symptoms, he said, if symptoms persist.

Good luck!

On the treatment of peptic ulcer with papaya

The care my friend

Get a large green papaya (also known as papaya)

Cut into pieces and a bottle of clean water

Hold for four days

Screening and take half a glass (glass)

Dosage: Three times a day for two weeks.

Note: Avoid the triggers and spicy foods, such as food, alcohol, focusing on foods high in acid, hunger, etc.


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