Gastric Ulcers Overview

Gastric ulcers, also known as Stomach ulcer in remote areas of the first wall of the stomach. These injuries can be 1 / 8 to 04/03 inches. Ulcers are not contagious, but the cancer if not treated promptly.

The causes of ulcers is the excessive secretion of gastric acid. The excess acid produced to digest food because it can cause ulcers.

The main cause of stomach ulcers are poor eating habits. Consuming healthy fats leads to excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, which in turn lead to ulcers. Skipping meals can lead to stomach ulcers. Some people live very stressed and are highly dependent on alcohol and drugs, which can be an aggravating factor for stomach ulcers.

People suffering from ulcers suffer from abdominal pain, digestive disorders, weight loss, hunger, pain and irritation.

The treatment of this disease consists mainly of taking medications that significantly reduce the amount of acid secretion. In some cases, doctors recommend surgery for a malignant disease is suspected trends. Some doctors opt for treatment that H. pylori is the cause of the ulcer, in some cases unnecessary.

Abandonment of an ulcer for a prolonged period can lead to serious complications such as perforation and bleeding of the gastric mucosa.

Preventive measures are of a healthy diet for the functions of health and lifestyle. A healthy body in shape and has a very strong immune system, which can act as a natural shield against any kind of disease.


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