Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcer - ulcer in the esophagus stomach, duodenum, or may be less frequent than gastric ulcers known. Duodenal ulcers are not harmful, but stomach ulcers are about 5% of the cancer.

The exact reason for the production of ulcer is unknown, but a number of factors that can cause ulcers:
  • Hypercecretion the stomach may be one reason for the cause of his ulcer. Ulcer is severe refractory patients with high acid secretion. To reduce the secretion of gastric acid in ulcer healing drugs.
  • Acid-pepsin gastric ulcer occurs when you digest the aggressive action of the stomach or duodenal mucosal resistance to acid and pepsin in the stomach of the stomach and duodenum.
  • Heritage: Patients often have a family history of ulcers. The incidence of gastric ulcers with parents twice the incidence in the general population.
  • Mucosal resistance: the gastric mucosa, gastric mucosal cells, which line the mucous membranes of the stomach secretes. This mucosal barrier is broken by several substances such as alcohol, AIDS, acid reflux, aspirin, and weak organic acids reduce blood flow to the mucosa.
Gastric Ulcer                                                    Duodenal Ulcer
  1. Number: usually single                                May be multiple.
  2. Pain : after meals                                        in between meals.
  3. Gastric acid: low or normal                          Hyperchlorohydria.
  4. Vomiting: common                                       uncommon.
  5. Relief: not relived by food                            relieved by food.
  6. Common in lower socioeconomic class        equal prevalence.
  7. Pathology: may be benign or malignant       never malignant.
  8. Less chronic                                                 follows a chronic course for upto 20yrs

How can I tell if a tumor is cancer

Symptoms of anorexia and weight loss, dysphagia, epigastric pain unrelated to food.


Epigastric mass

Metastases from which we irregularly above the clavicle, large hepatomegaly, ascites, ovarian cancer, deep vein thrombosis of the leg.

X-rays show, filling the defect and absence of peristalsis in a different place from the middle 2 / 3 of the lesser curvature. Ulcer in a very important part of the stomach. The skin of the bottle stomach.

Gastroscopy and cytology in gastric cancer.

Gastrointestinal endoscopy showed the United States and the degree of infiltration.


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