Gastric Ulcer's Symptoms and Prevent It

Every years 500,000 suffers from some form of ulcers in the U.S. alone. Most of these people suffer from gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and is affecting millions of people worldwide. This is a common affliction for those who want a modern lifestyle, which is a lot of stress and consumption of junk food to live. If the above factors, including coffee, alcohol, and mix the resulting combination is sure to create a kind of ulcer.

The ulcer is caused by the non-spicy food, stress or alcohol, is caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter Helobacter, but billions of people carry this bacteria is transmitted through food, water or contact with an infected person. So many of us have these bacteria, and if you combine it with spicy food and stress that you have an ulcer!

Recent studies have also shown that anti-inflammatory help (aspirin and ibrupofen) the development of severe ulcers.

Ulcer occurs when the bacterium Helicobacter, which creates all things has helped more than one injury to the stomach, into the mantle. After the wound in contact with the damage of gastric acid in the stomach, gets worse, because the membrane can be used to protect sensitive tissues of the acid was consumed.

A person with an ulcer, a sudden loss of appetite, heartburn, ulcer (a common symptom), indigestion and abdominal pain after meals. It is strange that some people experience gastric symptoms develop, and for a period of several months, they disappear again. Antacids relieve the pain but does not cure the disease. If the ulcer is not treated, then an ulcer, a severe form that causes vomiting blood. The ulcer should be treated as soon as possible, because in many cases results in complications that affect the entire body.

The ulcer was diagnosed in most cases, with the help of an endoscope and can be easily treated, particularly when, shortly after his appearance on antibiotics for Helicobacter pylori infection and killing by drugs that reduce gastric acid secretion in the protection of heartburn, is discovered. If none of the antibiotics and other drugs. Ulcer due to appear again, possibly because the bacterium is most important is not included.

People with stomach ulcers should change your diet and a couple of things in your life. It is important that you stop smoking and drinking, if they are made. These things and the right medicine for ulcer healing and avoid complications.


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