What to Know About Gastric Ulcer

A growing number of people diagnosed with digestive disorders these days, many of which required hospitalization and continuous monitoring. Ulcer is a common digestive disorder that causes inflammation and Tara at certain levels of the digestive tract. Gastric ulcer is a break in the tissue around the stomach, duodenum, and there is a break in the tissue around the duodenum. Ulcers can also occur in the esophagus or other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

The ulcer is caused by excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin, which eventually leads to damage of surrounding tissue, to protect the stomach. The presence of a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori also contributes to the development of ulcers. In addition, the ulcer through the diversion of certain medications anti-inflammatory drugs ibuprofen, aspirin, or worse. In the past it was thought that emotional stress has also been a cause of ulcers. However, this theory by recent advances in medical research has been refuted. On the other hand, the physical effort the development of gastric ulcers (those who are sensitive to medical studies, forms of acquisition of gastric ulcers compared to normal).

Statistics show that more than 55 years of age tend to develop forms of ulcers. In addition, people with ulcers than non-smokers to smoke. Smoking increases ulcer, slows the healing process and reduce drug resistance. In addition, alcohol and caffeine aggravate severe ulcers. It is important to stay away from these drinks and focus on creating and maintaining a healthy diet, the symptoms of stomach ulcer and effectiveness of medical treatment prescribed. A healthy diet should include foods that are not likely to increase gastric acidity. Doctors recommend eating several small meals a day and a moderate increase in eating on a schedule.

Most symptoms of stomach ulcers and acid are abdominal pain, malaise worse on an empty stomach, the improvement in pain while eating, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, vomiting blood, bloody stools, black stools, loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss.

If you find if abused, can lead to complications of an ulcer, bleeding or perforation of peptic ulcer bring. Both types of ulcers are considered very dangerous and even fatal. Endoscopic treatment for gastric hemorrhage control and is sometimes a good alternative to surgery. Where people are not a significant improvement in the disease, which can be achieved with endoscopic treatment and oral surgery is the only way to try to correct the ulcer.


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