How to Eat for Gastric Ulcers

The ulcer is caused by bad stomach. This degradation is the result of an imbalance between pepsin in the stomach, the stomach and defense. It is not uncommon for people to have stomach ulcers have no symptoms.


It is strange that a gastrointestinal problem can full of food. This is not what you eat as a complete feed. Food is one of the city of stomach pains and relieves heartburn. But often, the stomach starts to hurt or burn, the pain disappears.
How to Eat

If you have a problem with an ulcer or acute (ie, only happened once) or chronic (ie, you always come first) are, the food is as important as what you eat. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, eating several small meals throughout the day. Make sure the plan is not consistent, such as eating meals at these times each day.

What to eat

The gastric and duodenal ulcers do not eat because of what he does, there is little restriction on supply. Obviously, the best rule for all, which leads to not eating ulcer action. Proteins are good for your health and optimal treatment of gastric ulcers. You should try at least one source of protein in each of his frequent meals. Milk, meat, eggs and cheese are excellent sources of protein that can be combined with each meal.
What you can not eat

No two are the same as stomach ulcers. Some foods may cause pain or burns to a person and has no effect on another person, even though both have stomach ulcers. But certain foods and substances are often rejected in case of ulcers. Caffeine is generally considered healthy for the stomach, such as alcohol and tobacco. Other common substances that are known to affect the stomach of its anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.


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