What foods are bad and foods that are good for gastric ulcer?

Diets for patients with gastric ulcers are more focused on what foods to avoid, rather than outlining a diet plan. A bland diet with little to no spicy or acidic foods is ideal if you have a gastric ulcer.

Milk and other calcium containing products soothe the stomach, but creams should be avoided because of their high fat content that can cause an increase in acid production.

Gradually increase your fiber intake, but avoid fruits and vegetables with the skin still on them. The increase in soluble fiber helps protect the already sensitive stomach lining.

Harmful Foods 
Avoid foods that are overly spicy, have a lot of citrus content or are high in acid, such as tomato and tomato sauces.

Harmful Beverages 
Alcohol, caffeine and fruit juices can upset the acid balance, making the ulcer worse.


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