Symptoms of a Gastric Ulcer

The Symptoms

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms then you should get checked out for the presence of a gastric ulcer. You will need to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

The signs and symptoms of a gastric ulcer are almost opposite to the signs and symptoms of duodenal ulcers - the main differences are noticed in the timing and severity of the pain.

    * Gastric ulcers generally cause a dull aching pain, often right after eating.
    * Making a meal can often cause an increase in pain
    * Eating will not relieve pain as is the case with other types of ulcers
    * Indigestion and heartburn, or acid reflux
    * Nagging pain in the upper abdomen area below your breastbone
    * Episodes of nausea
    * A noticeable loss of appetite
    * Unplanned weight loss
    * Another less common symptom of a gastric ulcer is that about 3 in every 10 people are woken up at night by dull ulcer pains – this usually happens 3- 4 hours after eating.

The 10 Real Facts about Gastric Ulcers
your Doctor probably won't tell you about...

Medical Doctors simply have no options other than antibiotics when it comes to prescribing treatments for ulcers caused by H. pylori infections. The prescription will almost always be either a Triple or Quadruple Therapy.

H. pylori is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatments. It is widely publicized that drug therapies have an average failure rate of up to 70% in the treatment of H. pylori infections.

Many patients have been on more than 4 courses of the same antibiotic treatment - and they still have stomach ulcers and H. pylori. I have even heard of patients who have taken 8 consecutive Triple Therapy treatments, and they are still infected.

65% of patients infected with H. pylori are simultaneously infected with Candida Albicans, and they don't even know about it! Candida Overgrowth is a life threatening infection that is extremely difficult to treat. The last thing you want to take if you have Candida is any form of antibiotics...

Most Doctors spend more time treating the side effects of drug therapies, than they do when treating the original stomach ulcer.

Correct diagnosis of an H. pylori infection is critical, yet patients are literally getting scammed by the conventional methods used for testing for H. pylori bacteria. (See how you can avoid this and also avoid getting treated for a condition you may not have, by signing up for our FREE H. Pylori Report below!)

The latest drugs being produced for the eradication of H. pylori are now being made more powerful in an attempt to be more effective - but the result is that the negative side effects are getting proportionately worse. These side effects cause patients to abandon their treatment after a few days.

The ONLY way to effectively CURE stomach ulcers caused by H. pylori infection, is to REMOVE THE CAUSE. Some Doctors still hold on to the outdated 'No Acid, No Ulcer' mentality, and insist on treating the symptoms.

Each year nearly 6,000 people die of ulcer-related complications in the USA alone.

There is a lot more you need to know about stomach ulcers and H. pylori!! For an extended list of more interesting facts, please make sure you sign up for a FREE copy of 'The H. pylori Report' below!!

Frequently asked questions

Q. How come I have no symptoms but I can see that I am bleeding internally?

A. Some ulcers may produce no symptoms at all. You may be completely unaware that you have an ulcer until you have occasional painless bleeding episodes and anemia.

The passage of smelly black, tarry stools may be your first sign of a bleeding ulcer.

If your ulcer is already at an advanced stage then repeated episodes of bleeding can be identified. Vomiting new blood which is bright red in color, or older digested blood that is dark and grainy, are also sure symptoms of a gastric ulcer that has started bleeding.

A bleeding ulcer is a medical emergency

Don’t waste any time getting immediate treatment. If your gastric ulcer is bleeding, then you may vomit bright new red blood, or older digested blood that looks like brown coffee grounds and have black, tarry bowel movements.

Q. Why do I feel dizzy and faint at times?

A. You need to check for the symptoms of a bleeding ulcer - if these are present then the dizziness and faintness will be due to a loss of blood. You should seek immediate treatment to stop the blood flow.

Q. Is it normal to experience intermittent and different pains?

A. This differs from person to person but many people do have periods of ulcer pain followed by pain free periods that can last for several days or even months.

Most people will try an over-the-counter antacid treatment if this is their first exposure to stomach ulcers. Click here to find out why antacids only offer temporary relief and end up doing more harm than good - Beware!!

Sometimes ulcer pain can radiate to your back or to your chest - when this happens it is common for people to think they are having a heart attack!

You can EASILY avoid most of these problems....
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You may be thinking right now by having a gastric ulcer, you are stuck with a major problem....but the good news is that a recent breakthrough in natural medicine makes it very possible to COMPLETELY and EASILY remove the cause of your ulcer from your digestive system.

Have you have already had a bad experience with an ulcer treatment, or a treatment for Helicobacter pylori that has not worked? Are you just a few steps away from giving up your battle with ulcers?

Don't Give Up!

You can EASILY Beat Gastric Ulcers!

Lack of knowledge, or being misinformed can easily lead to mis-diagnosis and incorrect treatment, followed by months of unnecessary pain and misery.

Lots of prescriptions later, no improvement, and your doctor has run out of options.... does this sound familiar?

And more to the point, do you really want to be dealing with this problem right now?


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