Heal or Prevent Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers occur when the protective layer breaks stomach. Painful sores in the lining produced by contact with digestive juices. It is possible to prevent or cure, help wounds, ulcers, nutrition and natural remedies to improve. Read on to find out how.

Possible factors contributing to ulcer formation KNOW:

Prolonged use of aspirin or other anti-inflammatory
Bacteria: Helicobacter pylori
Irritants or food allergies and diet play a role in ulcer formation.

KNOW WHAT stomach to hear:

Feelings of pain, ulcers, heartburn, fullness, pressure. Gas, nausea, and can have a serious erosion of government support and colitis, bleeding ulcer.

Armed with information on how to control it:

- Licorice root capsules, tinctures, teas, and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. They offer a unique opportunity, mucus, effective to promote healing of the gastric mucosa can be formed. Use as directed on the label or from a reliable source of health.

- Aloe Vera Juice is traditionally used as a digestive tonic. Add 1 oz of juice and taken several times a day. The juice can be purchased in health food stores in quantities gallon.

- Cabbage juice contains glutamine, an amino acid needed for the repair and renovation of the gastric mucosa. It also serves to restore the acid / base balance. Red cabbage juice and drink one ounce a day for 6 weeks.

I think you can eat ", what you eat:

- Eat small meals and do not forget to chew your food.

- Be careful what you eat and what bothers you, ask yourself if you and your doctor, if H pylori is involved, such as antibiotics used to treat them.

Do your best to establish a regular food / beverages as to avoid: coffee, fried or fatty foods, alcohol. Add vegetables to clean green for their healing properties and high fiber foods for the digestive tract.
Switch pain relievers such as aspirin or milk anti-inflammatory and even Tums and Rolaids antacids others. Often give immediate relief, but to begin to create conditions that favor the production of stomach acid.

Try to avoid smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke, how can existing excerbate colitis.


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