Gastric Ulcers Guide

A coating of the stomach with a rough surface is known that the erosion of the stomach or an ulcer. The men in the group of 55-70 years is likely to get a stomach ulcer. Take anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of an ulcer, such as naproxen, aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, smoking, stress and caffeine.

An ulcer develops when the stomach acids and digestive juices from the stomach wall puncture. Some other causes of ulcers, Helicobacter pylori, the excessive secretion of gastric juices, drugs, lack of resistance to gastric acid from the stomach, infection and excessive production of stomach acid.

Symptoms include nausea, loss of appetite, indigestion, heartburn, weight loss and significant gastrointestinal bleeding. Pain is considered sufficient to awaken the patient at night, but antacids can bring relief. Cause internal bleeding, blood can seat and back.

The history and examination by a doctor to diagnose stomach ulcers. Some risk factors include a history of alcohol and tobacco, hemoglobin, the localization of pain, history of drugs, sex and age. To confirm the existence of an ulcer, medical imaging and endoscopy. Other non-invasive tests can be performed, the immune response, as a test of blood or breath.

For the treatment of stomach ulcers, drugs by doctors of gastric acid secretion in the lining of the reduction are prescribed. In case of complications or malignancy is suspected by a physician, surgery may be necessary. Perforation of the lining of the stomach is to avoid eating, and bleeding can occur if the ulcer is not treated.


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