Gastric Ulcer Warning Signs

Stomach ulcers are caused when an imbalance between the amount of acid in the stomach and secretes pepsin and body's natural resistance of the lining of the stomach (also known as the mucosa). It is a spiral-shaped bacteria in the acidic environment of the stomach (Helicobacter pylori), which can also cause ulcers in the stomach for a lifetime. Although obesity and smoking and excessive use of anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, for example), is also the risk of developing stomach ulcers.

There are some warning signs you need to know if you have an ulcer or not.

One of the main symptoms of someone with a gastric ulcer is experiencing a gnawing or burning stomach or just below the sternum, which lasted 30 minutes, sometimes more than 3 hours. Unfortunately, many errors of this pain for heartburn because it so strongly, while others are simply confused with the pain of hunger.

For some, the pain of an ulcer in the middle of the night and the place or be postponed immediately after a meal, about 2-3 hours of sleep. In some patients, the pain of ulcers are relieved by food or milk, while others, such as avoiding eating your pain often associated with food.

Although pain can often be an ulcer caused by foods that are approved for those suffering from ulcer pain usually increases after a meal. Some patients have found that eating only lead to an easing of the pain of ulcers, more serious, and certainly the research is more of a stomach ulcer, suffer rather than one.

As mentioned previously, with pain, other signs and symptoms of an ulcer, weight loss, swelling, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, pain after drinking milk, eating or taking antacids, fatigue and stomach. However, if the ulcer starts to bleed, you can relax and see that I was wrong and you can go give blood.

But there are certain signs and symptoms associated with stomach ulcers that sometimes people mistake heartburn, indigestion or hunger, and it is. But there are signs and symptoms such as pain after eating, it is easier to have someone like an ulcer or can not be seen to make the diagnosis.


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