Gastric Ulcer Main Concepts

Doctors, gastric ulcer damage to healthy tissue around the abdomen. It differs from duodenal ulcers, damage to normal tissue lining that covers the first part of the intestine or duodenum. Although peptic ulcer is a common condition among Americans, the diagnosis is still difficult to vary depending on the clinical presentation of the disease. Manifestations range from asymptomatic or show no symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain, internal bleeding, anemia, acute and life iron deficiency.

The gastric ulcer produced or sponsored by protective layers of the stomach upset. These layers produce mucus, which damage the lining of the stomach due to gas and severe gastric juices of the stomach.


Ulcers is mainly due to the secretion of enzymes and an imbalance of stomach acid into the free part of the gastric mucosa. This is triggered by aspirin and NSAIDs, or aggravated anti - inflammatory. NSAIDs are usually taken for symptoms of other diseases such as back pain and kidney pain.

The ulcer is the result of:

The presence of Helicobacter pylori and H. pylori, the bacterium responsible for developing stomach ulcers.

reducing the ability of the stomach to resist stomach acid.

increased production of stomach acid.

Risk Factors

Risk factors are some of the reasons why a person can increase susceptibility to disease. In this case, the ulcer.

regular use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen and aspirin like drugs

chronic gastritis



age increases

Helicobacter pylori infection

Interestingly, a series of stress and emotional problems are not identified as risk factors for stomach ulcers. However, there are studies that prove otherwise. They point out that stress is a factor in the worsening of the disease.

The possibility of developing an ulcer is increased by smoking and excessive use of regular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.


Abdominal indigestion

extreme pain in the abdomen of the patient to sleep at night may be subjected.

blood in the stool or black stools



unexpected weight loss

vomiting, especially vomiting blood


However, it should be noted that the manifestations of symptoms in some cases of gastric ulcers.

Differentiation of gastric and duodenal

conventional ulcer pain is often characterized by episodes of pain after every meal. The use of antacids may not be as effective and can provide temporary relief and minimal.

pain of an ulcer is usually placed in the stomach area, but can also be found in the upper right quadrant of the stomach and elsewhere.

difference of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer pain, usually hours after meals and at night. This can be alleviated with antacids and certain foods.

pain that radiates to the back may indicate complications in the pancreas.

case of bleeding gastric ulcers and show clear signs of melena, hematemesis, and attacks of syncope.

The treatments are very effective in relapse is always possible, and are more likely to develop complications. Three percent of cases of gastric cancer early when the stomach is very important to your doctor about any position to say that he killed in the attack.


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